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"Ever since I was a young boy, it has been my dream to be a farmer. After 20 years of office activities, at the age of 46, I wanted to follow my heart’s desires to give a new way of living."

- Patrick, owner of Tapada do Peral, with partner Maylene -

As we've always felt connected to nature and agriculture, we made the decision, in August 2014, to become farmers. Together, we started thinking what we would like to grow and where.

In my home country, Switzerland, to buy a barn is impossible as it is too expensive. So our search began to widen.

We have always found Portugal to be a beautiful sunny country with welcoming, friendly and helpful people. It was therefore not very difficult to decide to make Portugal our new home, but, this could only be if we found the land that we needed. With Portugal famous for its Olive trees and Olive oil production, the question of the product was also answered quite easily, "we love good quality olive oil after all".

Thanks to Internet we landed finally in Mata, where we found our terrain named "Tapada do Peral" meaning "covered in Pear trees". The land measures approximately 16 hectares with lots of olive trees, Portuguese oak trees, cork trees, pine trees and also lots of weeds like lavender, broom, wild rosemary and it is totally neglected.

Together with a friend, who produces olive oil for so many years in France, we showed him some pictures we have taken from this terrain and discussed the possibilities and opportunities for it and so myself and Maylene finally decided that as challenging as it may seem, this has been both our dream - that has finally come true.

Patrick Olivier Puerro & Maylene Doenni

With long term experiences in finance sector, we made various analysis, whether the project would be financially viable and could live on the sale of olive oil at all.

The economic aspect, however, was only one side. We had to make ourselves conscious, so our vision and the awareness grew what we wanted to implement in our project.

Our project contains four topics which will be in the following pages, more deepend and selected with our own experiences living here in Portugal.

  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Produce healthy organic high quality olive oils
  • Animals live freely
  • To be self-sustaining and self-sufficient as much as possible

Furthermore we hope you enjoy browsing to our website.

Patrick Olivier Puerro & Maylene Doenni

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