In 2020

IN 2019

  • Completion of the residential house
  • Completion of product site
  • First major distribution of our olive oil in Switzerland. Details can be found under the rubric product

In 2018

  • Newsletter December 2018 (in German)
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  • First big production on our farm
  • Revised label created
  • Construction of compost bin
  • Completion of the residential house interior

In 2017

  • Received organic certificate
  • Commencing renovation for our home
  • Planning and realisation our own production facility
  • Connecting community water
  • Birth of our website
  • Creating our label

In 2016

  • Building four garden raised beds measuring of 5.4 x 1.5 meters
  • Purchasing of 70 cubic meters organic dark soil for our garden raised beds and garden
  • Water system installation for our garden
  • Building an extension in our main storage to store our wood
  • Second year olive harvest and oil production

In 2015

  • Construction of 2 water wells
  • Building water hole for our animals
  • Construction of our main storage
  • Fencing the whole land
  • Making home for our animals
  • Connecting community energy
  • Dividing and fencing our terrain in four big parks
  • First year olive harvest and oil production


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