The Olive Grove



  • That we only cultivate nature to the extent that we offer our olive trees in the best condition and necessary care with the use of appropriate machines
  • To nurture the soil with the necessary nutrients
  • No use of chemical additives
  • If possible, to apply our own natural resources instead of buying materials

Our olive grove is 157,000 m² and embraces 2000 olive trees. It is a traditional olive grove with 70 years old olive trees. Since the land is not completely flat, it is somewhat elevated position and so it was built partially terraced with stone walls on it. You can find also lots of oaks which they call it here “Azinheiros” and few wild grown pines and cork trees.

Overtaking the land includes also existed path, old rusted defined fences as well as an old stone house requiring renovation. The former owner of this terrain had always sheeps; they did not look after the olive trees and land.

Olive Grove

This means to us a neglected abandoned terrain needs a lot of massive physical cleaning and tender care. On the other hand, we discovered various floras that grow in the area, for instance, finest wild rosemary, oregano, wild mint, lavender as well as overgrown old trees that grew side by side which are high-quality woods to be used for cooking and heating.

In clearing up plan, I divided my work into day-to-day basis and investing tasks.

In a day-to-day business, yearly tree control such as cutting of huge wild sprouting branches, removing brittle branches as well as trimming and giving sun light to the new small branches in the middle of the tree. In addition to that, once a year the soil needs to be ploughed. A yearly soil analysis is a must in order to know what the soil needs for specific nutrients and natural plant based fertilisation. These are like our yearly “homework”.

I also consider in work investments to clear off stones, creating natural tree islands and shades for our wild and domestic animals as well as removing and planting new olive trees.

Olive Grove

For the harvest, the terrain doesn’t need any overgrown wild weed bushes around the trees. Every year around ¾ of the trees will be harvested and will be ready for the day to day business activities.

The harvest months are in October and November, during the summer from June until September and December there will be no cutting trees.

We hope that we could give you an impression of what work an olive grove could bring. In the area of milestones, you will find our partially achieved targets on the way to the big whole adventure.